Notes from the Watch Shed: The Shed Song

Where I come from, a man’s shed is his escape room. Not in the modern sense, there are no puzzles or brain teasers to be solved before you can leave. Quite the opposite, it’s meant to provide solace and escape from everything outside that space. There is a Newfoundland musical group, Buddy Wasisname & the Other Fellers, who even wrote a song honoring this great place: The Shed Song. “It’s the only place where I can go and tinker with my toys”. I enjoy it, for this reason.

Notes from the Watch Shed Calibre 321 Scurfa
Watches and “coffee” @madrock_watches_adventure

My first shed was a small space. I would sit with the doors open, coffee in hand, wood shavings and motor oil everywhere, and be happier than I could explain. It wasn’t surprising to me when I started bringing watches out there. The lighting for my videos and pictures was better. For some, staring into the dial face of your watch is also an escape. It’s not a new concept, but a watch is interesting to me because of it’s engineering, functionality, and design. It sits quietly on your wrist waiting for its moment to shine. For me, I don’t believe my cell phone, or a smart watch, will ever replace the wristwatch I wear. In a way that I can’t quite explain, they are…colder.

My watch collection has grown, and so has my shed. They still provide the escape I seek–not in a selfish way–but in a way that clears your brain and can help recalibrate you. So, grab your drink of choice, find your “shed,” and escape for a few minutes.


About the author

Jamie Andrews is a watch enthusiast on a budget. He doesn’t own a safety deposit box and he’s slightly cynical about investment pieces.  In his own words, “I think best when I’m in the shed.” You can check out his YouTube channel, Madrock Watches & Adventure, or follow him on Instagram.

Notes from the Watch Shed: rants, reflections, and ruminations on watches and life, by Jamie Andrews.

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