Notes from the Watch Shed: Part of This Complete Breakfast

I love cereal.  The North American branded, slogan wielding, sports-team mascot type.  Doesn’t matter what brand or type, they’re great. News flash: they aren’t healthy. Fact check that. You shouldn’t eat that sugary bowl of deliciousness every morning, on its own, and think you’ve met your nutritional nirvana. Big-Sugar knows this, and they have big-lawyers advising them on the message. Don’t let that sports mascot or athlete endorsement fool you.  Not to mention, just about every box of cereal shows a piece of fruit next to the bowl of cereal, and every commercial tells you it’s, “part of this complete breakfast.” That’s the rub–the cereal alone, isn’t good for you.

Watch collecting addiction
Part of this complete breakfast @madrock_watches_adventure

We often quip about the watch addiction (sugary cereal). I’m speaking from experience when I say, it can be heavy.  The rabbit hole, the death scroll. I’ve experienced my Neo moment, asleep with my phone, drool on my couch cushion, white noise…visions of Morpheus holding out a Seiko SKX in one hand and an Orient Kamasu in the other. You’ve gone too far at that point.

Watch collecting addiction calibre321
Always read the label @madrock_watches_adventure

Nowadays being a watch enthuisiast requires you to also be a film editor and have experience taking macro shots with National Geographic.  It wouldn’t hurt if you also have P.R. experience. Post a Reel everyday to please the algorithm, post a smokey watch photo everyday to please the followers, make sure to have a watch photo as your profile picture on FB to stay a member of your favourite group, like everyone’s posts (except that Rollie flex shot by that new crypto account).  You need to know the latest release and updated movements, what’s hot and what’s not so there isn’t that embarrassing faux pas of liking a Nixon Regulus (love the display).

Watch collecting addiction
And feel free to choose a better banana @madrock_watches_adventure

Apply the cereal slogan to your watch hobby. Let it be a part of your balanced life.  At some point, the sugar overload is going to catch up, demand more of your body than you can handle.  Use a smaller bowl for the cereal, be sure to add the fruit…you get my point. Maybe, like Neo, it wouldn’t hurt to disconnect for awhile either.  

By Jamie Andrews while wearing the Scurfa Diver-1 PVD Black.


About the author

Jamie Andrews is a watch enthusiast on a budget. He doesn’t own a safety deposit box and he’s slightly cynical about investment pieces.  In his own words, “I think best when I’m in the shed.” You can check out his YouTube channel, Madrock Watches & Adventure, or follow him on Instagram.

Notes from the Watch Shed: rants, reflections, and ruminations on watches and life, by Jamie Andrews.

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3 thoughts on “Notes from the Watch Shed: Part of This Complete Breakfast

  1. whatsonmywrist

    well at least i know to put a stop to my hobby and limit it to 10 at a time. It is hard though, posting consistently and see other watches of interest

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Over the last two years my collecting and buying habits have changed significantly. I have grown to appreciate watches without having the need to buy everything I like. But I agree, some watches just tug at you. My goal is to pare down the collection into something manageable (aka only pieces that I wear in regular rotation)…say 8-12 favourites. Then I’d like to follow a 1 in, 1 out policy. Jamie has it down better than I have. I really liked his piece. No nonsense.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. darrenstollings

      Watch-life advice at it’s best. I’m only into the hobby for a couple years, haven’t made a significant purchase whatsoever because I can’t. I’m hoping if I had the money to buy buy buy that I would have this mindset, but I also know I’d have a few too many watches…maybe I’ll find a balance if I get to that point


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