Nanuk 910 10-Watch Case

Watch nuts tend also to be gear nuts. And sometimes they’re just plain nuts. But you’d have to be if you weren’t impressed with the Nanuk 910 10-Watch Carrying Case. I recently purchased one myself to house the more expensive timepieces in my collection, and I could not be more pleased with the quality.

Nanuk 910 10-Watch Case Review
Nanuk 910 10-Watch Case @calibre321

Nanuk–or Nanook–is the Inuktitut word for polar bear. It’s also the name for one of Canada’s foremost case manufacturers. Tough and fierce, all Nanuk cases are built to MIL-Spec standards, which means that they must pass a rigorous set of tests before going into production. For example, to achieve its MIL-STD81 rating, the 910 Watch Case must prove that it can be submerged in one meter of water for up to an hour. The case is then heated to 40 degrees Fahrenheit above the temperature of the water. It must not, during this test, sustain any damage or leakage. It must also be 100% dustproof and survive the dropping of a 6kg dart on its weakest point. During the testing stages, engineers drop further weights ranging from 6.8-31.8kg from a height of 48cm. They even leave it out in the rain for 4 hours and submit the case to vibration tests.

I have a sneaky suspicion that it’ll do me.


The Nanuk 910 Case is constructed from nearly impenetrable–and virtually indestructible–NK-7 resin. It’s lightweight and the outer shell is finished in a finely pebbled texture. It also has a soft, easy-grip ergonomic, spring-loaded handle and stainless steel hardware. The case is molded with rounded corners and reinforced walls to help make it impact resistant and shock-absorbent. However, part of the secret behind the brief’s protection against ingress is the patented Power Claw latching system. It employs the compressive force of a triple action clamp to seal the case tight. On top of that, it offers integrated slide locks.

Nanuk 910 10-Watch Case Review
Power Claw Latch @calibre321

In fact, the vacuum tight seal is so powerful that Nanuk have also installed an automatic pressure release valve. The purpose behind this element is to ensure that case does not become permanently sealed through pressure changes during airline transport.

Nanuk 910 10-Watch Case Review
Pressure release, micro-venting valve @calibre321

But the same design elements that make the case rugged and durable–rounded corners and chamfered edges–also make it aesthetically pleasing, with sleek lines. While the model featured here is black, the 910 Protective Case is available in ten different colours.

Nanuk 910 10-Watch Case Review
Spring-loaded, easy-grip handle @calibre321

Of course, the overengineering of the 910 was not undertaken solely for the housing of watches. Nanuk cases are used in a variety of industries and by numerous professionals, from military personnel, to photographers, hunters, divers, and first responders. The customized foam that allows for the secure storage of watches can be replaced with cubed foam or other custom-designed inserts for items like cameras, laptops, handguns, or drones.


Nanuk 910 10-Watch Case Review
Cross-Linked Polyethylene foam insert @calibre321

What I like especially about the 10-watch insert is the high level of tolerance that allows for simple manipulation of the various watches, but absolutely no movement once the timepieces are set in place. The foam itself is supple but sturdy, with an almost rubbery texture. It is made from Cross-Linked Polyethylene, or XLPE. In addition to the ten watch slots there are two slim recesses to house other watch-related items, like straps, bracelets, or spring bar removal tools.

Nanuk 910 10-Watch Case Review
Stylish design and finish @calibre321

The Nanuk 910 is also TSA approved for both checked and carry-on status. As an add-on, you can even purchase a special TSA-approved padlock, or a shoulder strap for easy transportation. The case also has tie-down eyelets, if necessary.

Nanuk 910 10-Watch Case Review
Nanuk 910 10-Watch Carrying Case @calibre321

In the end, the Nanuk 910 10-Watch Carrying Case case can’t help but instil confidence. The Power Claw latch and micro-venting pressure release valve are top-notch. The lightweight NK-7 resin has a strength and a quality to the finishing that are indisputable. Certainly if you are ever spotted walking through an airport with one in hand, you will no doubt be mistaken as an individual of importance. It has a stylish, aerodynamic configuration that is backed up by real-world, robust specs. But it is also full of thoughtful design elements, like the spring-loaded, comfortable handle, or even the strap slots in the foam insert. If you are going to invest in a watch collection, the Nanuk 910 is ultimately an inexpensive insurance policy.

The Nanuk 910 10-Watch Carrying Case retails for $199CAD (approx. $150USD). For more information, please visit the brand website.

Nanuk 910 10-Watch Case Review


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