The RZE HexEdge MB: Small, But Mighty

After the successful launch of its Limited Edition TI Click Pen, RZE continues to expand into the realm of functional, everyday carry gear with the upcoming launch of its own microblade, The HexEdge MB. On February 1st, the brand will most certainly take Kickstarter by storm, as they have with each new watch release over the last few years. RZE has made a name for itself in the enthusiast world by consistently designing affordable, adventure-ready titanium tool watches. Now, with the aid of industry experts, the watchmaker intends to do the same with pocket knives.

RZE HexEdge MB EDC Knife Review
The HexEdge MB from RZE @calibre321


At only 2.5 inches closed, and weighing less than 2 oz, The HexEdge MB is an ergonomic delight that fits in the palm of your hand. But don’t let its size fool you, the cutting edge is ready for all manner of everyday adventures. The blade is forged in D2 tool-grade steel–a material which has been used in knifemaking since the early 60s. Among non-powder steels, it is considered to have a long-lasting edge retention and offers a Rockwell hardness of 55-62 HRC. As an inexpensive alternative to stainless steel, D2 is tough with good wear and rust resistance. It does not abrade, nor does it scratch easily because of its high carbon content.

RZE HexEdge MB EDC Knife Review
Made from D2 steel @calibre321

The high chromium content in D2 means that it will patina with time; however, this will provide your knife with its own character, and you will not not have to sharpen the blade as often. In addition to the inherent qualities of the steel, RZE have opted to add a titanium coating to the HexEdge MB. Titanium coatings, like titanium nitride, are thin, ultra hard ceramics which lower the friction and make the blade more resistant to wear.

RZE HexEdge MB EDC Knife Review
Sharp angles and geometric shapes @calibre321

However, the first thing that will catch your eye with the HexEdge is its futuristic aesthetic. Assuming a familiar design language found in the brand’s watches, the microblade is replete with sharp angles and geometric patterning. Its handle is fashioned from G-10 scales, which is a glass fibre composite popular among knifemakers, but also gunsmiths. G-10 is non-conductive, extremely durable, and comes in many colours. Up close, you can see the woven texturing in the material.

The HexEdge MB features a clip point blade, which is commonly seen in hunting knives and used for dressing animals. This also makes it a solid companion for self defence. However, in general, everyday use, the fine point makes it an excellent precision tool and allows for a great deal of control. The blade deploys simply with a front flip butterfly mechanism, operable by a quick flick of the thumb.

RZE HexEdge MB EDC Knife Review
Features a handy pry bar @calibre321

Beyond its capabilities as a knife, the HexEdge MB has further built-in functionality, making it a compact multi-tool. The back end, for instance, has a wedge-shaped pry bar. If you use it for nothing else, it makes for an excellent bottle opener on Fridays after work.

RZE HexEdge MB EDC Knife Review
Blade deploys with a quick flick @calibre321

The HexEdge MB is designed to slide unobtrusively into the fifth pocket of your jeans, or hook securely over a belt with its reversible clip. It can just as easily be fastened to a lanyard or a key ring, using the opening just beneath the pry bar. If you already own RZE’s popular Blackomb Pouch, you can toss it there too.

RZE HexEdge MB EDC Knife Review
Everyday carry @calibre321


Blade Length1.67″ (42.5mm)
Closed Length2.44″ (61.6mm)
Opened Length4.09″ (104.5mm)
Thickness0.5″ (13mm)
Weight1.94oz (55g)
Handle MaterialG-10 Scales
Blade SteelD2 Tool-Grade Steel /w Titanium Coating
Blade ShapeClip Point
ClipReversible Belt Clip
MEchanismFront Flip /w Liner Lock
RZE HexEdge MB


RZE HexEdge MB EDC Knife Review
Handle made from G-10 scales @calibre321

As with their watches, which are “assembled for adventure,” the folks at RZE have done an excellent job in designing an affordable, attractive blade that would make an excellent addition to your your EDC toolbox. The use of D2 steel has not only the benefit of controlling costs, but also of presenting a tough and durable product that will last a lifetime. So sure of it are the knifemakers at RZE that the HexEdge MB will be sold with a lifetime guarantee.

The HexEdge MB is so small and lightweight you’ll want to take it with you everywhere. And you’ll be waiting for any one of those myriad moments when someone invariably asks, “Does anyone have a knife?” You’ll probably even make up excuses just to pull it out.

The HexEdge MB will retail for $32 USD. For more information, sign up on the brand website for launch updates.

RZE HexEdge MB EDC Knife Review
The HexEdge MB from RZE @calibre321


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