On Spec: 39mm TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph ‘Glassbox’

Being a massive motorsport fan, I have an attachment to TAG Heuer due to its history with things that burn fuel and go fast. With its array of models named after icons in motorsport (Monaco, Carrera, Formula One), it’s no surprise that the brand redesigned and released the new 39mm stainless steel Carrera at Watches & Wonders.

39mm TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Glassbox Watch Review

Initially released in 1963, the Heuer Carrera chronograph has seen many variations and design changes. In celebration of its 60th anniversary, we’re presented with a new 39mm Carrera named “Glassbox”–derived from the domed sapphire crystal inspired by the hesalite crystals found on vintage Heuer’s of the 1970s. The new design allows the tachymeter scale to flow with the curvature of the crystal instead of laying flat like previous Carerras.

39mm TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Glassbox Watch Review


With the 39mm Carrera in two colour variations, blue and reverse panda, there are two stunning yet different contrasts. The blue dial gives the nod to a more modern watch design, with its matching blue subdials and striking silver/white accents. The reverse panda variation is the perfect example of a modern-vintage watch. The black dial and silver-toned subdials create the aesthetic of days gone, but not forgotten. The reverse panda variation screams vintage racing, and it’s captivated me completely.

39mm TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Glassbox Watch Review

Bringing the Carrera to life is a revised Heuer 02 movement named TH20-00, which features an oscillating weight capable of bi-directional winding. In past Heuer movements, the mainspring only charged from a counter-clockwise rotation of the rotor. The TH20-00 offers an 80-hour power reserve and better finishing than previous calibres from the brand.

39mm TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Glassbox Watch Review

Releasing a new Carrera is always exciting, especially if you’re a gearhead. The history behind the icon is fantastic, the design for decades has been outstanding, and seeing Heuer release the Carrera in a smaller case with a new movement and design is a much-welcomed surprise.

The new Carrera will retail for $6450USD. If you want to check one out for yourself, please visit TAG Heuer online.


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    1. I’ve not been the biggest fan of Tag, yes they have some beautiful pieces here and there but overall doesn’t do much for me. This though, this watch, it’s pretty incredible

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