Brent Robillard, Editor

Brent Robillard is an award-winning educator, writer, and watch enthusiast. His most recent novel, The Road to Atlantis, was short-listed for the Mary Scorer Book Award.

It all began with a photo…

Calibre321 began as an Instagram account dedicated to photographs of my personal watch collection. Somewhere along my horological journey, it occurred to me that it might be something more. As a a budget-conscious collector, I naturally migrated toward microbrands and the value proposition they offer. But the microbrand world can also be a minefield.

Many of the established watch forums and online magazines have their hands full with Basel World. Independent watchmakers can be forgotten or covered only in a cursory, haphazard fashion. My hope for this site, is that it slowly becomes your one stop for those elusive and quirky independent brands–those Kickstarter options hoping to make a splash, as well as those flagship independent watchmakers who are driving innovation.

So why calibre321, then? Well, far from a microbrand even in 1957, Omega, and its iconic movement, represented and continues to represent a pioneering spirit–to boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before. The best microbrands embody that ideal. While they may not be travelling to the moon, they are striking out at great risk into a volatile world. And this site hopes to highlight their efforts.

We feature two categories: Off The Cuff and On Spec. In the former section, we offer hands-on reviews of new watches on the market. In the latter, we provide information on exciting new upstarts and projects in-the-works.

For op-ed pieces and articles of general interest, we have Other Watchy Bits.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here and dive in.

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