Off the Cuff: Serica 5303

Serica came back with strength in 2021 when it released the 5303, the brand’s first diver. This model doesn’t look like the 4512 in any way except for the Broad Arrow handset. And while brands normally carry over their unique design language from one model to the other, Serica did not. The 5303 looks like a Serica but it doesn't look like the 4512. It’s quite strange, to be frank. But in many aspects, the 5303 is to me the better of the two models. 

Off the Cuff: Baltic Aquascaphe Dual Crown PVD

One of the many things Baltic does great is dimensions: the Dual-Crown comes in with a diameter of 39mm, a lug-to-lug distance of 47mm, a thickness of 11.9mm, and a lug width of 20mm. As the dimensions indicate, it wears great. The case sits flat on the wrist and has the typical elongated step-case profile that Baltic timepieces are known for. As its name indicates, the Dual-Crown has a compressor-style case and comes with a black PVD finish and matching black dial and black tropic strap. The whole package screams black-ops!

Off the Cuff: Christopher Ward C63 Sealander

The Automatic is a good example of a great everyday type of watch that I’m glad Christopher Ward released. Before the Sealander Automatic, the brand didn’t offer many options for a fixed-bezel everyday sports watch with reasonable dimensions (under 40mm.) So, with great proportions, a solid movement, and good finish, the Automatic is a solid contender for a one-watch collection timepiece.