Off the Cuff: YEMA Superman Worldtime

The YEMA Superman Worldtime builds on the reputation of its "indestructible" Superman Heritage dive watch (a near perfect reproduction of the 1963 icon), and more recently on the ETA-powered Superman Heritage GMT (2019). The main difference here--other than colourways--is the introduction of the YEMA 3000, an all-new in-house GMT movement from the brand.

Off the Cuff: The Klip by Forstner

I bought a Forstner Klip bracelet on a whim after seeing it posted on Instagram. I had been searching for, and experimenting with, a variety of solutions for my Retras Dive Watch. I really wanted a stainless-steel bracelet, but nothing I had seemed to fit, aesthetically speaking. The microbrand diver is a modern watch, but …

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