Off the Cuff: RZE Valour 38

The true magic, of course, is the titanium case which weighs a mere 57g. If you’re not constantly staring at it, you might even forget it’s even there. Like all watches from the brand, the titanium used here is treated with a proprietary Ultra-Hex coating which protects the timepiece from oxidization and scratches. The new case design is an attractive one that mixes brushed planes with polished chamfers and bevels. While it maintains the overall angular appearance of past models, there is a decidedly different swoop to the case sides...

Off the Cuff: Retter 22

The Retter 22 is a melding of design language from some of the greatest integrated sports watches of the past and present. In particular, it draws inspiration from Gerald Genta’s seminal Royal Oak, but also from the bracelet in Jorg Hysek’s Vacheron 222. In fact, the name of the Retter 22 is nod to that latter influence, as well as being a celebration of the year in which the brand launches its own first watch.

Off the Cuff: YEMA Superman FAF Search and Rescue

In the early 1970s, YEMA began equipping the French Air force with a dive watch. This might seem a bit pessimistic on behalf of the nation’s flyboys, but the watches were intended for a specialized group within the Search and Rescue branch: the Aviation Rescue Swimmers. The watch in question was YEMA’s historic Superman, reference 24.11.17. This marked the beginning of a decades-long collaboration.