Off the Cuff: Jack Mason Strat-o-timer

But what really differentiates the Strat-o-timer from other GMT Master-inspired watches is the cushion case. Made from 316L stainless steel and measuring 40mm in diameter, the Strat-timer case has a lovely, unified brushing along the top and through the lugs. This is offset by the mirror polish along the curvaceous mid-case. The overall impression is organic, like a sea-smooth pebble.

Off the Cuff: Invog La Nogentaise

Nogent is a small village in the Haute Marne region of France. Traditionally, the town is renowned for its blade-making. However, today it produces cutlery, scissors, fine hand-tools, and medical instruments which are shipped all over the world. A resident of the town is colloquially known as a nogentaise. It is from this that INVOG took the name for its first watch, as the brand founder and head watch designer first met here.