Other Watchy Bits: Paul Newman and the Rolex Daytona

Cover Image: Paul on the set of Winning (Source) Paul Newman. The actor, racing driver, director, entrepreneur, and multi-award winner. The embodiment of a "man's man." Unfortunately, many only know the name Paul Newman from the salad dressing brand, or--in our small circle of enthusiasts--from his association with specific reference numbers of Rolex Daytonas. But …

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Off-the-Cuff: SYE MOT1ON Automatic 24

Arnaud Pezeron is passionate about watches. And he's passionate about motorsport, too. When he began work on the MOT1ON Auto 24--the brand's flagship watch--more than three years ago, his objective was to meld the two loves into one. SYE (Start Your Engines) is a playful acronym which attests not only to this symbiosis, but also to the excitement he is hoping enthusiasts will experience upon purchasing their timepieces.