Off the Cuff: Timex M79 Batman Bezel

The first M79 colourway ("M," for mechanical; "79," for the year the Q first appeared) to roll out was the very cool Batman bezel. Again, another riff on the GMT-Master II. While it would be absurd to consider the two watches as competitors, the referential design was not lost on aficionados and newcomers, alike. What both the Q and the M79 offered was an attractive entry-point into collecting, for some; and for those with already carefully curated collection, an inexpensive bit of fun.

Off the Cuff: Spinnaker Bradner

The Bradner takes its name from American physicist, Hugh Bradner. During his time at the University of California, Bradner was credited with inventing the neoprene wetsuit. The buoyant, flexible material would revolutionize recreational diving by using an ambient layer of water, trapped between the diver's body and the interior wall of the neoprene, to keep the wearer warm.