Off the Cuff: YEMA Navygraf FSM Bronze

The watch, inspired by a 1970s Navygraf reference, has a very vintage feel about it, particularly with the curved “smiley” line of text above the 6 o'clock position. I particularly like the fine red pip at the end of the seconds hand, which interrupts the otherwise two-tone agenda. Aside from being functional for a dive watch, it engenders a touch of sophistication. And, well, what can be said about a YEMA dome that has not already been lauded here and elsewhere?

Off the Cuff: YEMA Superman 500 GMT

Of course, the main talking point here is the YEMA3000 calibre at the heart of this piece. The in-house movement has made appearances in the Worldtimer and Hertiage GMT collections previously and allows the wearer—in conjunction with the 24-hour bezel insert—to track a total of three time zones. However, this caller-GMT has never been used in a 50BAR watch before. In fact, this combination of water resistance and GMT function place the Superman 500 GMT among small school of fish.

Off the Cuff: Serica 5303

Serica came back with strength in 2021 when it released the 5303, the brand’s first diver. This model doesn’t look like the 4512 in any way except for the Broad Arrow handset. And while brands normally carry over their unique design language from one model to the other, Serica did not. The 5303 looks like a Serica but it doesn't look like the 4512. It’s quite strange, to be frank. But in many aspects, the 5303 is to me the better of the two models.