On Spec: Vero Meridian Manual Wind

Over the last few years, Portland-based watch brand Vero has released some impressive timepieces, with the Open Water Diver and the Workhorse Chronograph. Vero has unveiled a new addition to their collection that aligns with their previous tool watches—a field watch that is perfect for those looking to take on the challenging trails or to have a relaxing weekend spent sitting on the dock, having a cold one. We’re talking about the new Vero Meridian Manual Wind.

Off the Cuff: YEMA Urban Field

Today, YEMA released their latest novelty for 2023—a hybrid inventive it calls the Urban Field. Indeed, the watch is a crossover between a traditional, military-inspired field watch and a that of a casual dresser. Designed, no doubt, for those who patrol the urban jungle more often than they do the backwoods, the YEMA Urban Field treads an interesting—and versatile—line.

Other Watchy Bits: What is a tool watch?

Tool watch is a term often used in the world of horology, but its definition is nebulous and murky and potentially controversial—if you are speaking to the wrong person. In simplest terms, a tool watch has at least one function, beyond timekeeping, for which it was designed. A dive watch, for example, is often equipped with a rotating bezel to track elapsed time while under water. A chronograph has one or more sub-registers which can be actuated to like a stopwatch. It may also work in conjunction with a tachymeter scale to calculate speed over distance.