Off the Cuff: Galvin Loimu

Loimu, translated from Finnish, means blaze. And I can hardly think of a better name for this collection. Microbrands, right on up through Rolex, have been very creative with their colourways in the past year. However, the spectrum on offer from Galvin is one of the best I've ever seen. There isn't dud among them. Even the Artic Black positively glows. And their names...Frost, Tundra, Glacier...such an insignificant detail, really, but so much a part of the story Galvin is hoping to create with this line.

Off the Cuff: Héron Gladiateur

The most interesting component is easily the steel bezel, which features a rather unique use of Roman numerals--a nod to the the watch's name to be sure, but also a useful twelve-hour scale which can be used as a simple GMT function for tracking a second time zone if desired. The bezel has a nicely milled coin-edge, like the crown. Beyond the blasted surface of the bezel insert, the rest of the watch has a polished appearance with smooth rounded edges.

Off the Cuff: Namica Shirahama Dive Watch

Namica is a new watch brand from Japan, and they are hoping to make a splash with their first release: The Shirahama Classic Diver. Shirahama refers to the local white sand beach in Izu, where the watches were conceived and designed. And if you are anything like me, one look at this colourful dial has you imaging warm summer days, sunshine, and lazy afternoons at the water's edge.