Off the Cuff: MT & W Panda Vintage Chronograph

A most intriguing visitor appeared on the Calibre321 doorstep last week: The MT & W Panda Vintage Chronograph. Harkening back to the 1970s--an era of high-flying motorsport--the Panda Vintage exudes a retro charm that is hard to resist, as it draws on the tropes and elements of some of the greatest classic chronographs of that …

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Off the Cuff: RZE Valour

RZE may not need an introduction although the brand is barely over two years old. It has made a name for itself as soon as it released its first model, the Resolute, a rugged full-titanium field watch with great specifications and an attractive price tag. Following the success of the Resolute, RZE released the Endeavour, another full-titanium watch--this time designed to take on the underwater world. In 2021, the brand released its third model, again in titanium but this time aiming for the race tracks with their Valour meca-quartz chronograph, which we’re taking a look at here.