Off the Cuff: Spinnaker Dumas GMT

Given that more and more brands are coming up with their own versions of affordable GMTs utilizing the Seiko NH34 movement, each brand must up the ante with each release. The name of the game now is to provide maximum value to stand out from the crowd. In this respect, the Dumas GMT offers a lot of value for the asking price of $550.

On Spec: Nodus Unity

The Unity represents the lessons Nodus learned regarding the intricacies of manufacturing and design to create a watch representing its past, present and future. The Unity blends beauty and functionality into a wearable mechanical object and pulls inspiration from the functional beauty of nature with its bright colours and deep textures.

Off the Cuff: Benarus Mako Black

In a world of Kickstarter campaigns, and fly-by-night micros, Benarus differentiates itself from the herd by producing self-financed watches in small runs that frequently sell out quickly. Given the brand’s relative longevity in the independent scene—with little to no advertising budget—one might take this as indication of quality and general customer satisfaction.