Off the Cuff: Marathon 46mm Arctic JDD Search and Rescue

Much like the brand’s smaller GSAR line, the standard JDD is a brushed stainless steel, 30ATM diver with an automatic Swiss movement--only wider, thicker, longer, and heavier. In 2021, Marathon added the Arctic White dial to its GSAR line after much research and development. The idea behind the dial change was less about aesthetics, or choice, and more about constructing something essential to usage in the far north—where glare from a combination of ice and snow can be an issue.  

Off the Cuff: Marathon GPM Officer’s Field Watch 39mm

Marathon Watches, founded in 1939, is a family-owned company, now in its fourth generation. It has been a military watch provider since 1941. Although its timepieces are designed in Canada, they are built by the brand’s Swiss factory in La Chaux de Fonds. The current iteration of the Officer’s Watch, or General Purpose Mechanical in Stainless Steel, adheres to the military specifications as laid out in MIL-PRF-46374G document.