Off the Cuff: Vertigo Hippocampus

In mythology, the seahorse is a symbol of fidelity and luck. In ancient Rome, it was a powerful and popular amulet. Frescoes depicting the animal have been discovered on the outer walls of buildings in Pompeii. Further back, in Greek legends, the gods rode them to cross the sea. And Poseidon’s chariot is often said to have been pulled by them. Vertigo chose the seahorse (or hippocampus) as a modern tribute to the seas.

Off the Cuff: Haim Descent

The Descent’s case is straightforward, and because of its short lugs and steel bezel appears very much like a coin. It measures 39mm in diameter and only 45mm lug to lug. For a diver, it also has a relatively slim profile of only 12mm. The lugs pinch inward from the outer edge of the case, visually shrinking the watch even further.  Because of their downward slope, which dips below the caseback, they also hug the wrist nicely.

Off the Cuff: Baltic Aquascaphe Dual Crown PVD

One of the many things Baltic does great is dimensions: the Dual-Crown comes in with a diameter of 39mm, a lug-to-lug distance of 47mm, a thickness of 11.9mm, and a lug width of 20mm. As the dimensions indicate, it wears great. The case sits flat on the wrist and has the typical elongated step-case profile that Baltic timepieces are known for. As its name indicates, the Dual-Crown has a compressor-style case and comes with a black PVD finish and matching black dial and black tropic strap. The whole package screams black-ops!