Off the Cuff: Namica Shirahama Dive Watch

Namica is a new watch brand from Japan, and they are hoping to make a splash with their first release: The Shirahama Classic Diver. Shirahama refers to the local white sand beach in Izu, where the watches were conceived and designed. And if you are anything like me, one look at this colourful dial has you imaging warm summer days, sunshine, and lazy afternoons at the water's edge.

Off the Cuff: Nodus Sector Dive

This past month, Nodus began shipping its second incarnation of the popular Sector Dive Watch. The Sector Dive is part of an original series that included a Field version, as well, but has now expanded to comprise both a Pilot and a Sport within the range. Fans of the brand will recognize a number of similarities between the original Sector Dive and this most recent manifestation. However, much is also new.