Nanuk 910 10-Watch Case

Nanuk--or Nanook--is the Inuktitut word for polar bear. It's also the name for one of Canada's foremost case manufacturers. Tough and fierce, all Nanuk cases are built to MIL-Spec standards, which means that they must pass a rigorous set of tests before going into production.

Off the Cuff: Tissot Seastar 1000 Chronograph

The Seastar name first appeared in the Tissot catalogue in 1954, but not as a dive watch, or a chronograph. It was in reference to its caseback, which used new technology to repel moisture and dust. The latest iterations certainly do that. True to its name, the Seastar 1000 offers up a whopping 300m (1000ft) of water resistance, due in part to its screw down crown and caseback. To achieve this in the chronograph version, the brand has also designed funky, screw down pushers.

Off the Cuff: Serica 5303

Serica came back with strength in 2021 when it released the 5303, the brand’s first diver. This model doesn’t look like the 4512 in any way except for the Broad Arrow handset. And while brands normally carry over their unique design language from one model to the other, Serica did not. The 5303 looks like a Serica but it doesn't look like the 4512. It’s quite strange, to be frank. But in many aspects, the 5303 is to me the better of the two models.