Other Watchy Bits: Five Christmas Gift Ideas for Watch Lovers

What better gift can one give than the gift of time? Of course, this is often more easily said than done. Watch lovers can be a fastidious group. The following five recommendations run the gamut in Christmas gift-giving suggestions from high-end, limited edition releases to cool merch and straps. They also indicate some of the independent brands we have been excited about this year.

Off the Cuff: RZE Valour 38

The true magic, of course, is the titanium case which weighs a mere 57g. If you’re not constantly staring at it, you might even forget it’s even there. Like all watches from the brand, the titanium used here is treated with a proprietary Ultra-Hex coating which protects the timepiece from oxidization and scratches. The new case design is an attractive one that mixes brushed planes with polished chamfers and bevels. While it maintains the overall angular appearance of past models, there is a decidedly different swoop to the case sides...

Off the Cuff: RZE Valour

RZE may not need an introduction although the brand is barely over two years old. It has made a name for itself as soon as it released its first model, the Resolute, a rugged full-titanium field watch with great specifications and an attractive price tag. Following the success of the Resolute, RZE released the Endeavour, another full-titanium watch--this time designed to take on the underwater world. In 2021, the brand released its third model, again in titanium but this time aiming for the race tracks with their Valour meca-quartz chronograph, which we’re taking a look at here.