Off the Cuff: Dan Henry 1975 Skin Diver

Skin Diver magazine launched in 1951. Two years later, Zodiac and Blancpain released the first ever rotating bezel, dedicated dive watches at Basel Fair. Spurred by popular filmmakers and adventurers like Jacques Cousteau, the dive watch craze was on. Pretty soon all watchmakers—both big and small—had a skin diver up their sleeves (literally). Bulova, Caravelle, …

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On Spec: The YEMA Superman 500

The YEMA Superman was first released in 1963, as a professional-grade dive watch. The now iconic Superman bezel-lock at 3 o’clock was one of the first efforts to address the problem of accidentally disturbing the bezel while diving. Many iterations and later, and we find ourselves looking at the latest release from the brand--the Superman 500.

Off the Cuff: DELMA Cayman Bronze

The CUSN6 case, with its matching bezel and crown, will slowly adapt to its wearer and his surroundings. Over the course of time, it will develop a patina that will be both individual and unique. It will not resist scratches like stainless steel; however, it has almost no magnetic qualities at all. It’s warm and its different. If you’re a dive watch collector, you’ve got to have at least one in the boathouse.