Off the Cuff: Galvin Loimu

Loimu, translated from Finnish, means blaze. And I can hardly think of a better name for this collection. Microbrands, right on up through Rolex, have been very creative with their colourways in the past year. However, the spectrum on offer from Galvin is one of the best I've ever seen. There isn't dud among them. Even the Artic Black positively glows. And their names...Frost, Tundra, Glacier...such an insignificant detail, really, but so much a part of the story Galvin is hoping to create with this line.

Off the Cuff: Serica 4512

The 4512, now in its second iteration, offers four dial variants as of March 2022: the Commando, here presented, the WMB with its more traditional military feel, the California and the latest addition to the family, the California TXD (for Tuxedo.)  Regardless of which variant you choose, you will find yourself with one of the most versatile watches out there. It’s versatile not only because it fits a variety of wrist sizes, but also because the design strikes the perfect balance between dressy and sporty, making the 4512 at home hiking, diving, or at a cocktail party.