Off the Cuff: Benarus Mako Black

In a world of Kickstarter campaigns, and fly-by-night micros, Benarus differentiates itself from the herd by producing self-financed watches in small runs that frequently sell out quickly. Given the brand’s relative longevity in the independent scene—with little to no advertising budget—one might take this as indication of quality and general customer satisfaction.

Other Watchy Bits: What is a tool watch?

Tool watch is a term often used in the world of horology, but its definition is nebulous and murky and potentially controversial—if you are speaking to the wrong person. In simplest terms, a tool watch has at least one function, beyond timekeeping, for which it was designed. A dive watch, for example, is often equipped with a rotating bezel to track elapsed time while under water. A chronograph has one or more sub-registers which can be actuated to like a stopwatch. It may also work in conjunction with a tachymeter scale to calculate speed over distance.