Other Watchy Bits: Watch Auction For Ukraine

In the weeks since the onset of hostilities in Ukraine, more than 3 million citizens have been displaced. Europe has not seen the like since the Second World War. Support for the Ukrainian plight has been universal and steadfast. To maintain and uphold this solidarity, Calibre321 is hosting a watch auction from March 21st through March 25th. One hundred percent of all proceeds will be donated to the UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency).

Off the Cuff: VanBanner Parkingmaster 2.0

VanBanner Watches embodies the true spirit of the microbrand--a one-man operation producing watches out of a love for horology and an enthusiasm for design. While the brand has experienced both highs and lows since its inception, the Parkingmaster 2.0 represents a triumph. It is also a story of determination and perseverance through adversity. VanBanner Parkingmaster …

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Off the Cuff: Vanbanner Parkingmaster

Legend has it that the idea behind the Parkingmaster came to LV after watching a YouTube video where a woman mentioned that she used her bezel to time parking meters. Of course, the majority of dive watches sold today never do anything more adventurous than "desk diving," so why not repurpose the appendix? While the Parkingmaster bezel appears, and functions, more-or-less like a traditional dive bezel, it does have a "red zone" indicating that you should return to your car and feed the meter. I think that this cheeky addition would also function nicely as a wily wink among other watch enthusiasts.