Off the Cuff: SeaPro Mariner Issue Tropic-style Straps

For dive watch enthusiasts, few things elicit the sensation of summer like a Tropic-style strap. Since their introduction in the late 1950s, these iconic dive bands have captured the essence of water-side freedom. Their basket-weave texture and spine-like edging are instantly recognizable and can be found on all manner of watches from budget-friendly Casio Duros to high-end Rolex Submariners.

Off the Cuff: Artem Sailcloth Straps

Two gentlemen from Adelaide went on a quest to create the best sailcloth watch bands on the market. The result? Artem Straps. Rumour has it that aside from the practical concerns of durability and comfort, the creators considered how the material interacted with light, how it felt when you passed over it with your fingers. Sounds like something an artist might do. I wonder where they got the name?