Notes from the Watch Shed: Collection Satisfaction

The purchase price of the watches hovers around $100-$200.  I begin regularly purchasing watches, every month or so.  This habit isn’t normal for me. I don’t have any bad habits. There are no vices in my life at that time.  To collect any more than one watch for each wrist, seems silly to my wife and friends.  However, I am a quirky fella, so it’s basically laughed-off.  My conscience, with every watch I purchase, feels a little guilt. 

Notes from the Watch Shed: Part of This Complete Breakfast

We often quip about the watch addiction (sugary cereal). I’m speaking from experience when I say, it can be heavy.  The rabbit hole, the death scroll. I’ve experienced my Neo moment, asleep with my phone, drool on my couch cushion, white noise…visions of Morpheus holding out a Seiko SKX in one hand and an Orient Kamasu in the other. You’ve gone too far at that point.