Off the Cuff: Q Timex Chronograph

The Q Timex Chronograph carries forward the torch of the original Q Timex styling which lends the timepiece a certain legitimacy. It has that same angular case shape, the telltale dome (albeit mineral crystal here), and of course, the coveted Timex pricepoint that has made the Q line a gateway drug for a whole new generation of watch lovers. In that respect, the brand's recent renaissance has coincided--if not driven symbiotically--an industry-wide revitalization.

On Spec: Farer Moonphase Collection

The Moonphase collection is available in 3 dial variations and named after three individuals linked to the starts; Halley (Edmond Halley/Midnight blue dial), Eddington (Sir Arthur Eddington/Copper dial) and Burbidge (Margaret Burbidge/Blue dial). Each dial variation has a unique look to the moonphase complication with a different coloured moon to contrast each dial.