Off the Cuff: Visitor Duneshore Shallows

The first time I saw the Duneshore Shallows in a social media feed, I thought, “Well, this is different.” The next time I saw it, I thought, “I need to see this up close.” So, when Phil Rodenbeck offered to include me in the watch’s whirlwind promotional tour, I jumped at the opportunity. It has not disappointed.

On Spec: The Spitfire Type 300 Royal British Legion by Avi-8

AVI-8 just announced the launch of a very special timepiece: The Spitfire Type 300 Automatic Royal British Legion. The watch, limited to only 500 pieces, is the brand’s way of commemorating the Legion’s Centenary this year. A portion of the proceeds (£25) from the sale of each watch will be used to help the charitable organization, who offer support to veterans and current members of the British Armed Forces.

Off the Cuff: The Klip by Forstner

I bought a Forstner Klip bracelet on a whim after seeing it posted on Instagram. I had been searching for, and experimenting with, a variety of solutions for my Retras Dive Watch. I really wanted a stainless-steel bracelet, but nothing I had seemed to fit, aesthetically speaking. The microbrand diver is a modern watch, but …

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