Of the Cuff: YEMA Superman 500

In another departure of sorts, the Superman 500 sports French text on the dial. The words "Automatique" and "Metres" appear just above the six position. It is both quaint and dignified at the same time. The history of French watchmaking--and French dive watch making in particular--runs deep. YEMA, at one time the largest exporter of French watches, has played a large role in that history. One might say it is "high time" they laid claim to it.

On Spec: The YEMA Superman 500

The YEMA Superman was first released in 1963, as a professional-grade dive watch. The now iconic Superman bezel-lock at 3 o’clock was one of the first efforts to address the problem of accidentally disturbing the bezel while diving. Many iterations and later, and we find ourselves looking at the latest release from the brand--the Superman 500.