Off the Cuff: YEMA Navygraf FSM Bronze

The watch, inspired by a 1970s Navygraf reference, has a very vintage feel about it, particularly with the curved “smiley” line of text above the 6 o'clock position. I particularly like the fine red pip at the end of the seconds hand, which interrupts the otherwise two-tone agenda. Aside from being functional for a dive watch, it engenders a touch of sophistication. And, well, what can be said about a YEMA dome that has not already been lauded here and elsewhere?

Off the Cuff: YEMA Superman 500 GMT

Of course, the main talking point here is the YEMA3000 calibre at the heart of this piece. The in-house movement has made appearances in the Worldtimer and Hertiage GMT collections previously and allows the wearer—in conjunction with the 24-hour bezel insert—to track a total of three time zones. However, this caller-GMT has never been used in a 50BAR watch before. In fact, this combination of water resistance and GMT function place the Superman 500 GMT among small school of fish.

Off the Cuff: YEMA Superman FAF Search and Rescue

In the early 1970s, YEMA began equipping the French Air force with a dive watch. This might seem a bit pessimistic on behalf of the nation’s flyboys, but the watches were intended for a specialized group within the Search and Rescue branch: the Aviation Rescue Swimmers. The watch in question was YEMA’s historic Superman, reference 24.11.17. This marked the beginning of a decades-long collaboration.