7 Essentials: Banff and Jasper

When you are in Banff and Jasper, you will be immediately struck with the impression that it could take a lifetime to take it all in—and you would be right. My wife and I spent seven days there in July, and we were simply overwhelmed by the possibilities. If you wish to maximize your experience, we have outlined 7 different offerings that run the gamut of summer outdoor activities. We promise that you will not be disappointed. Continue reading 7 Essentials: Banff and Jasper

Little Land of Giants: 7-Day Ring Road Trip in Iceland

Roughly the size of Newfoundland, and with just over half its inhabitants, Iceland is Europe’s most sparsely populated nation. This makes it a nature lover’s dream of lava fields, glacial mountains, tumultuous rivers, slumbering volcanoes, and thunderous waterfalls. Deluxe adventures in a tiny package. And while the interior highlands of this far-flung island remain inhospitable and uninhabited, many of the nation’s natural wonders are only a road trip and a stone’s throw away. Continue reading Little Land of Giants: 7-Day Ring Road Trip in Iceland

12-Day Road Trip in Ireland

Driving in Ireland is not for the faint of heart, but it does bring its own special rewards. Manipulating a stick shift with your left hand as you enter a roundabout on the opposite side of the road is actually the easy part. The harrowing portion comes as you hurtle down Ireland’s L roads, hemmed in by hedges on both sides and then encounter a cyclist at the same moment as a tour bus travelling toward you rounds the hairpin corner laughably rated at 100km/hour. Did we mention that Ireland’s L roads are only wide enough for a single vehicle? Continue reading 12-Day Road Trip in Ireland