Off the Cuff: Longines Pilot Majetek

The Longines Pilot Majetek reaches deep into the brand's back catalogue for a relatively obscure reference, originally designed for Czech pilots. First launched in 1935, the Majetek was produced into the late 1940s. This latest iteration is a relatively faithful recreation, with a dash of contemporary styling and function. But it also exhumes a largely forgotten piece of aviation history, further solidifying the brand's role in the development of pilot's watches and navigation itself.

On Spec: Tudor Black Bay 54

The Black Bay 54 is a perfect example of “what goes around, comes around.” Watch sizes have been trending down for the better part of the last ten years, and have now reached a point where vintage sizing has become modern sizing.  The classic proportions of that era now make sense again in a market clamouring for…well…less.

On Spec: The 2023 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

Synonymous with speed since its launch in 1963, the Cosmograph Daytona was designed for professional racing drivers. Its tachymetric bezel, in combination with its mechanical chronograph movement, was a track-side favourite in measuring time intervals and determining average speeds. Of course, a certain Hollywood actor may have helped drive the watch into legendary status. Nevertheless, today, it remains indelibly linked to the world of motorsport as it turns sixty years young.