Off the Cuff: Longines Pilot Majetek

The Longines Pilot Majetek reaches deep into the brand's back catalogue for a relatively obscure reference, originally designed for Czech pilots. First launched in 1935, the Majetek was produced into the late 1940s. This latest iteration is a relatively faithful recreation, with a dash of contemporary styling and function. But it also exhumes a largely forgotten piece of aviation history, further solidifying the brand's role in the development of pilot's watches and navigation itself.

On Spec: MB&F LM Perpetual Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cases and salmon dials are the most beautiful when put together. The ruggedness of stainless steel and the elegance and richness of a beautiful salmon dial create a gorgeous aesthetic. Brands have used salmon dials for decades in combination with a stainless steel case. Still, the combination hits hard in the beauty and complexity of the Legacy Machine Perpetual.