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If there’s one thing we love at Calibre321, it’s tool watches–specifically divers. When a brand releases a new dive watch, it’s always exciting. However, the watch in question for today isn’t new, but an immensely popular watch for Farer, the AquaMatic. Farer has released two new colour variants of the AquaMatic that are bright, colourful, playful and will catch any collector’s eye.

“The AquaMatics have been designed for a colourful life. Built as the ultimate go-anywhere sports watch; with fresh designs, bold colours and modern specs – all packed into a compact case with three different straps to change the look in an instant.”


Farer brings bold and colourful designs to the AuquaMatic line with special meaning. The first colour variation is the Nazaré, a spearmint-coloured dial with a wave texture and a raspberry-red aluminum bezel insert. Nazaré derives from the Portuguese town of Nazaré, a popular surfing destination. The inspiration for the wave pattern on the dial are the waters off the coast of Nazaré which experience high waves due to the underwater Nazaré Canyon.

“The Nazaré AquaMatic is a showcase of bright colours. The base dial is a fresh blue-green spearmint, and it is embossed with a subtle wave pattern to give it some texture. This bright, legible dial is framed by the rotating bezel, which features a raspberry red aluminum insert.”



The second colour variation is the Biarritz, which follows in the footsteps of Farer’s popular Bernina chronograph, featuring a white dial with striking red and blue accents to create one of the most stunning watches in the AquaMatic lineup. The contrasting colours and chunky hour and minute markers make this a highly legible and unique aesthetic. The name Biarritz comes from the city of Biarritz in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France. The city has existed since medieval times and is now known as a coastal hotspot for European surfing. Biarritz is said to be the place where surfing was first introduced in Europe.

“In 1957, American film director Peter Viertel and his wife Deborah Kerr were in Biarritz for the film The Sun Also Rises. Whilst there, the couple were visited by a Californian friend who decided to use his surfboard in the waters off Biarritz, and this is thought to be the first time surfing was practiced in Europe.”


The AquaMatic sits in the “perfect” size territory with its 38.5mm 316L stainless steel case, which is 11.9mm thick with a 45mm lug-to-lug. The specs imply a compact form factor which should sit perfectly on the wrist, and with the high-contrast colour schemes of the Nazaré and Biarritz, you have both a comfortable and easily legible watch. Bringing the AquaMatics to life is
the Sellita SW200-1 automatic calibre. The Nazaré retails for $1,050, and the Biarritz for $1,080 (a higher price to compensate for the ceramic bezel insert). For more information, check out the Farer website.


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