On Spec: Nodus Unity

Nature is one of the most prominent creators of unique textures and designs. As many of us are often stuck in our offices or homes if working remotely, we usually don’t pay attention to the true beauty on the other side of a window. Our world creates a plethora of texture, colour and beauty often missed in modern design. However, Nodus has designed a watch in two unique colours (Rose Pink and Topaz Blue) with different textures and depths to captivate our senses and make the watch feel like the beauty of nature is on our wrists–the new Nodus Unity.

Nodus Unity Watch Review


“Nature is a seamless blend of beauty and function. Whether it is the colors of a flower petal, the bark on a tree, or the iris of a human eye, the natural colors and textures of the world around us serve a purpose that is just as functional as it is beautiful. The Unity takes inspiration from these natural occurrences.”

Nodus Unity Watch Review

The Unity represents the lessons Nodus learned regarding the intricacies of manufacturing and design to create a watch representing its past, present and future. The Unity blends beauty and functionality into a wearable mechanical object and pulls inspiration from the functional beauty of nature with its bright colours and deep textures.

“The Unity is a reminder that life isn’t all dangerous dives and world travel but sprinkled with moments of laughter and joy. With a splash of color, we hope to put a smile on your face when you check the time without taking you away from the moments that truly matter.”

Nodus Unity Watch Review

The 36.5mm case measures 11.3mm thick with a 43.5mm lug-to-lug and a lug width of 20mm. With such a small case diameter, thinness and compact lug-to-lug, the Unity will sit close to the wrist and fit perfectly for those who prefer a more compact dive watch. The 20mm bracelet tapers to 16mm and features the NodeX adjustable clasp with quick-release spring bars. The Unity features a deeply textured dial in both colour variants, applied indices to add depth, and polished hands to add legibility. The fixed ceramic bezel insert matches the colour of the dial to create a seamless transition from the dial to the case to create true unity between design and functionality.

Nodus Unity Watch Review

“Ceramic is the true star of the Unity as it drastically changes the visual size of the watch and its on-wrist presence. The unique colors of the ceramic bezel insert define the watch’s character while representing Nodus’ technical achievements in ceramic
production. The material is notoriously difficult to apply pigment to, but Nodus has developed a formula to create vibrant, even, and consistent colors that are rarely seen in watchmaking. These rosy and cerulean shades were selected not only for their beauty
but also for their variance from other common colors used.”


Ordering for the Unity opens on May 5th, 2023, at 9:00PST. For more information, please check out the Nodus website.

Nodus Unity Watch Review


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4 thoughts on “On Spec: Nodus Unity

  1. @archived_time

    Really charming offerings from Nodus with the blue and pink; as well as a colour-matched date window too. A bold move to work away from safer colours like Black, White, Blue, and so on.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. darrenstollings

    These look pretty fun, they might not quite be for me but if I had a bunch of pieces and wanted to venture away from the classic styling I prefer I could see myself considering these.


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