Off the Cuff: North Street Watch Strap

A particular quirk about the brand is its penchant for creative colouring. As such, you won’t find any descriptors in the NSW catalogue. Instead, each model in the collection is tied to a specific time and place in Fairfield County, usually within a stone’s throw of its shops in Greenwich. This is why you get “Conyers Farm,” “Grahampton,” “Stanwich,” and “Valleywood,” instead of the more pedestrian brown, light grey, navy blue, and green.

Off the Cuff: Zeppelin Atlantic Automatic GMT 84683

I wonder if Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin understood the importance of his early scribblings in 1874. Twenty years later he must certainly have had some notion, as his ideas were patented first in Germany and then in the United States at the century's close. So successful were his designs, that his surname would become a common noun applied to all rigid bodied airships.